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Why be concerned with quality?

I believe its very important to look for quality when selecting creams, lotions and oils to use during massage sessions.

The skin serves many functions, one of which is to absorb nutrients. For my Relaxation Massages, I want the experience to be a truly rejuvenating one on all levels. I look for natural ingredients when selecting the products that I use everyday when massaging clients. The products I use are ones that I feel are restorative to the body and won't increase the toxic load. This is important not only to the health of my clients, but mine as well! I am very particular with the products I put on my body every day.

I've chosen to work exclusively with these brands for my massage therapy products.



This small Milwaukee-based apothecary is owned by a super down-to-earth couple named Kyle and Serena. Kyle is an herbalist trained in Ayurveda. They bring quality, organic herbs and self-care products to the community. They also practice ethical wildcraft, sourcing some of their ingredients in their specialty products from plants they harvested themselves. Because of this, there are some products that are only available seasonally. I believe that using these products helps us to be more in tune with nature's rhythms.

Currently, I use their Muscle Oil with Pumpkin Seed Oil, Solomon's Seal and Kava Kava for my Relaxation Massages. I also use several of their herbs and powdered drink mixes, such as the adaptogenic Golden Milk and Kava Cocoa daily in my personal life. You can find these products and more on their website here.

Check out their Instagram here.


For Essential Oils, I order monthly through Doterra. On every Doterra bottle, there is a code that can be put in online at to see details about the exact batch that oil came from (where the product was made and from what ingredients, the chemical profile, etc.) This level of transparency is one that I wish to support so that other companies may do the same. It's important that as consumers, we are able to inform ourselves on exactly what it is we are putting on and in our bodies and how it was processed from plant to palm.

Doterra has high quality products and offer unique incentives to members using and sharing their products. They send a free specialty oil every month to those who have a reoccurring monthly Loyalty Order, and also receive points that can be exchanged for free oils. Doterra is a Multi-Level Marketing company. This means that as a Wellness Advocate for their brand, I am able to receive a commission for any oils purchased through Doterra using my website portal here. Others with a passion for sharing wellness who want to learn about essential oils and incorporate them into their daily lives would benefit from working with Doterra oils.

The oils are available for purchase for anyone through the website portal above, but there is a 25% discount off of all their products for those who decide to become members. As someone who uses and gives away many healing essential oils a year, their $35 membership fee was an easy investment choice that easily pays for itself. The first year is $35, but it is waived if you purchase an enrollment kit with several oils or if you take advantage of a promotion that might be running. Each year after is $25 to renew and they send you a peppermint oil that is the cost of the renewal.

If you are interested in learning more about being an advocate for their brand, please email me here and we can set up a video chat on Zoom to discuss this opportunity. If you are already familiar with the structure and ready to get started right away, you can visit the website portal shared above and click on the "become a member."


I use Aveda Foot Relief and Hand Relief in my massage service. I have not come across a more hydrating lotion than the Foot Relief. If your feet are dry and cracked, you can see and feel a huge difference after applying this product. I do not sell Aveda. The Aveda Institute of Beauty and Wellness is where I went to school for massage therapy and I fell in love with their products. They are very concerned with the environment and crafting beauty products ethically. Occasionally I will use Aveda Stress Relief Lotion as well, with Lavender, Lavendin and Clary Sage. Lavender and Lavendin are incredibly relaxing oils. Clary Sage is said to be good for female hormones. 

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