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Cassie Newlin

2D Art

Banner 885 by 222-2.png

Process- The Renunciate  2020-21

Process - Temperance - 2017


Recently, I have gotten into the world of creating digital art NFTs to sell on

I haven't listed anything for sale or auction just yet, but you can see the two collections I've started by clicking on one of the images below:

Guides of Spirit Banner-3.gif
Beings of CHAOS.gif

So far, I don't know a lot about it and I'm just having fun with it. Digital Art has always been really fun to me and being able to turn my pieces into digital and animated works for sale/collection using Ethereum is pretty exciting to me. It's been fun reconnecting to the digital medium and discovering new tools to play with along the way. I'm taking my time building the collections and enjoying the process.

I'm definitely open to learning more about this kind of thing if you're someone who has experience in this realm and advice to offer! I'm not interested in "investing" in NFTs, just creating and selling them. 

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