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Somatic Arts Massage

Cassie and Jake

Milwaukee's Bodywork Couple!

Back Massage

Therapeutic and Relaxation Massages

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Couple's Massages


Private Yoga


Reiki Energywork


We came together as a couple with a passion for wellness. 

We offer Therapeutic and Relaxation Massages with options for hot stones and cupping therapy.

Other offerings include the John F. Barnes approach to Myofascial Release, Thai Massage, Couples and Four-Handed Massages, Private Yoga Sessions and Reiki.

We also make art because it's fun!



A poem by Jake Booth

On a day you’re feeling low or tense,

touch may lift your mood, shift your energy or alleviate pain.

During a time when human connection is primarily technological,

touch offers something below the surface.

Inside a society where we are isolating ourselves from communion and into the chaos of our own thoughts,

touch allows you a deep, grounded, pause.

In an age that it appears everyone and everything is rapidly accelerating,

touch gives you a chance to slow down and let go into trust again

We believe movement is medicine and manual therapy to be a unique science and form of art.


Our mission is to create a calming, healing environment to aide others in expanding their awareness in pursuit of bodily balance. Our vision is to assist others on the path of finding their own self-care by sharing our knowledge from our holistic values and practice.

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