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Samuel Vandenberg

I love to sing, to dance, to cook, to write, to draw, and to laugh. I love animals of all kinds – land, sea, and sky. So much can be learned through observing and interacting with them. Never do I feel more at ease than with my bare feet in the grass and the sun on my skin.


As a practitioner, my approach is guided by my belief that our patterns within are reflected by the patterns without. That is, our internal parts and systems are interrelated, interwoven, and interdependent, and that like we can observe in nature, we too transform and unfold in a mysterious cycle. As such, I reject compartmentalization as the paramount model of client care. In the treatment of chronic pain, the client's circumstance must be considered in its entirety, with the physical, mental, and spiritual selves all equally validated. Inspired by the principles of Yin and Yang, I strive to work together with clients to foster awareness and acceptance of their patterns and cycles, and to allow healing to spring forth.

East-West Healing Arts Institute, Milwaukee, WI Completed 800-hour program in Therapeutic Massage. Specialized in integration of Eastern and Western modalities Highlighted the tri-unification of mind, body, and spirit

Sam's Services

Please note that the techniques of the following two options are not totally mutually exclusive, and that I will always have some of what's under one heading in mind while working under the other heading. The division here is not absolute, but your selection will form the basis of my approach. I seek to tailor my service to your specific needs and requests. Each massage session is a unique and irreplicable undertaking, and I encourage you to collaborate with me through offering feedback and direction whenever you see fit.

  • Restorative Massage

    • Recommended for acute conditions and recent physical strain, this service focuses on the muscles, promoting relaxation, and relieving physical tension. Massage strokes offered here will generally be more broad and fluid, and accompanying music will be more ambient and sedating. Upon request, I will be happy to include cupping in your treatment as appropriate.

  • Acupressure Treatment

    • Recommended for those experiencing symptoms of a more chronic nature, and for those seeking to develop an ongoing therapeutic relationship where rapport and trust can flourish, this service seeks to help facilitate a client's reintegration with their most authentic and complete self. Through the regulating of energy centers called acupoints, areas of the body with stagnant or excess energy may find release and areas of the body with deficient energy may be nourished and reinvigorated, encouraging the body to restore itself to a more balanced state. The focus of this approach can vary widely depending on the symptoms you present and the chief complaints you provide, but generally, this service can be considered more "intense" than the alternative. Accompanying music can be a little more involved, mirroring the catharsis that we strive for in such a session. Upon request, I will be happy to include cupping in your treatment as appropriate.

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