Cassie Newlin

We are all artists in our own ways. One of many art forms that I resonate with is the art of massage therapy. Client and practitioner co-create healing through the practitioner’s application of pressure and strokes and the client's ability to let go through the subtle movement of muscle tissue and fascia. A silent dialogue begins between you and I as the tension loosens its grip on your body and the armoring drops. We share the experience of slowly tuning in to see how restrictions changes with touch. I became a licensed massage therapist to provide the experience of this art form.

I am still discovering things on this path.

I graduated from the Licensed Massage Therapist program at Institute of Beauty and Wellness in 2017. (750 hrs.)
From there, I became Cupping Certified through the International Cupping Therapy Association (24 hrs.)

I was Reiki Attuned by Jeffrey Montoya.

I completed Yama Yoga’s Yoga Teacher Training program in 2019 (200 hrs.)

I studied the John F. Barnes approach to Myofascial Release in 2019 (MFR 1- 24 hrs. MFR 2- 24 hrs. MFR Unwinding- 24 hrs.)



I also completed an Aromatouch Technique Training (6 hrs.) and a seminar in James Earls’ “Born to Walk” Gait Analysis (24 hrs) both in 2019.

The world of movement and bodywork is a vast ocean of theory and experience. I hope to learn more from John Barnes, James Earls, and also begin to learn from mentors such as Paul Chek, Troy Casey and Wim Hof. There is a lot to be discovered, and each of us have the power to learn something new for the human race. I am very excited to see where we will begin to move as a collective in the next several decades, and I hope to be able to co-create a beautiful world with you and all other beings on this planet.

Jake Booth

I began exploring wellness in weight-training, jogging, attempting multiple sports in adolescence and later, obstacle course running. Working on myself physically while learning along the way paved the path to becoming a personal trainer, which I lead one-on-one, small and large group training sessions for about 4 years collectively. With my continued education through the CHEK Institute, I began to approach the body from a holistic perspective. I realized that looking at every aspect of an individuals experience including habits/patterns, stresses and goals is the optimal way to reach a desired outcome. My years in the fitness industry served as a bridge into manual therapy. My first year was at a spa, but I chose to shift my focus to a clientele with therapeutic needs/performance goals by working alongside a chiropractor for the following two years. I sincerely enjoy helping others through combining what I have gained as a trainer, coach and therapist. I plan to continue to deepen my understanding in the health/fitness industry and to grow with the community, eventually traveling the globe experiencing, teaching and sharing.


*Certified Personal Trainer

*Licensed Exercise & Holistic Lifestyle Coach

*Licensed Massage Therapist

*Certified Cupping Therapist

*Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Certified

*TRE Facilitator 

*Reiki 2





231 E Buffalo St Suite 201

Milwaukee, WI 53202