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Cassie Newlin smiling and standing on a fallen tree in front of Lake Michigan.

Cassie Newlin

I have always loved working with my hands.

Bodywork is such a unique form of art. Client and therapist share the experience of slowly tuning in to see how restrictions changes with touch. I became a licensed massage therapist to provide the experience of this art form.

The world of movement and bodywork is a vast ocean of theory and experience.

 There is a lot to be discovered, and each one of us has the capacity to learn and share something new about the human experience.

What a time to be alive!!!


Training -  Licensed Massage Therapist - 2017. (750 hrs.) Institute of Beauty and Wellness. Cupping Certified through the International Cupping Therapy Association (24 hrs.) \ Certified Yoga Teacher (200 hrs) - Yama Yoga’s Yoga Teacher Training program in 2019 (200 hrs.)​ Also studied: John F. Barnes approach to Myofascial Release in 2019 (MFR 1- 24 hrs. MFR 2- 24 hrs. MFR Unwinding- 24 hrs.) James Earls’ “Born to Walk” Gait Analysis (24 hrs) in 2019. Thai Bodywork (12 hrs.) with Ricky Heldt of Open Lotus Yoga LLC  in 2021. Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (HLC1) through the Chek Institute Kundalini Yoga

“Cassie Newlin is a wise soul inhabiting a youthful, kind massage therapist. I've come to know her through Myofascial Release Therapy and can only describe her as phenomenal. She brings high EQ along with her clear acumen at the blended art/medicine of Myofascial Release Therapy. She treats me with utmost respect, she communicates clearly and she fully absorbs what I bring to each session as we check in, then she implements in a manner that I find utterly transformative as a critical adjunctive therapy to individual psychotherapy."

Luke L., Google Reviews

Cassie's Massage

​She looks at the body globally to facilitate release, using  optional add-ons of hot stones, cupping therapy, essential oils and hot towels to aid the body in letting go.

Her approach to release is gentle and coaxing, but intentional.

Also offered- Private Yoga, Reiki, Myofascial Release (John F. Barnes Approach).

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