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If you need to contact us, please call or text (414) 491-5158.

Our address is

231 E Buffalo St, Suite 201

Milwaukee, WI 53202

How to Find Our Studio

231 E Buffalo St

Fred Vogel Jr. Building

In the heart of Milwaukee's Third Ward. Parking is metered in the area.

Look for Yama Yoga's Signs

There is one on the street and one in the window. 

Past the brewery and down the long hall

The door at the end of the hall should be open but is sometimes locked. Please text us at (414) 491-5158 if it is locked.

Once past the glass doors, take a left

There is a staircase to the left. If you require use of the freight elevator, please contact us as it can be tricky to use. We are on the second floor.

Second Floor's Door

Please make sure you are on the SECOND floor. If you tell someone in the building you are looking for the "spa" or"massage place," you will probably end up in the wrong spot.

Contact us if the door is locked or with any questions.

Go to the left and through the wooden doors

We are located just through those wooden doors. If the doors are locked, we are in service. There are couches and bathrooms to the right. Please have a seat and we will be with you shortly.

If you are ever in doubt that you are in the right place, please call (414) 491-5158.

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