Cassie's Public Yoga Offerings


I currently teach one weekly class at Yama Yoga on Thursday evenings. 

Class Description

Thursdays – 6 pm – 75 min class


Gentle Yoga


Let your body and breath be your guide as we explore a practice of softening. The class starts with a meditation, discovering your own unique way of being present before moving into gentle flowing postures and then the stillness of Yin. Allow yourself to let go as we explore the edges of postures, working on the deepest aspects of the connective tissue through long holds. At the end of the practice, we release muscle/connective tissue using tennis balls for self-Myofascial Release. There is no competition and no comparison within this practice. Discover the language your body uses when this intimate dialogue with the Self begins.

The class is available in person as well as live streamed via Zoom. 

For in person, sign up on Yama Yoga's website under "live classes."

For virtual classes, please have Zoom downloaded on either your computer or your phone and sign up through Yama Yoga's virtual class schedule. Contact Yama with any questions or concerns by emailing or calling and leaving a message here.

(It is a landline, so don't text.)

Packages and drop ins are purchased through Yama Yoga.


Private and Corporate Yoga

Private and Corporate sessions are offered at the following rates:

60 mins - $75

75 mins - $90
90 mins - $110

Available in person or via Zoom. Please dress appropriately for all Yoga sessions.

For Private Yoga sessions, the practice is tailored to your unique needs and bodywork/hands-on adjustments are utilized during the practice as needed.

For Corporate Yoga, please have your employees dress appropriately and bring their own yoga mats. Private sessions booked through Vagaro. Available live streamed via Zoom or in person. For corporate sessions where I will travel to you, please email me at