Cassie's Public Yoga Offerings



 This series will be offered through Yama Yoga. They are 75 min classes, offered in person and virtual. Limit 15 students in person. This series is to complete my 200 hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training through Sacred Sound Yoga. It is a FREE, donation based series. Donations will be made to the hosting studio, Yama Yoga. Offered Saturdays at noon from May 7th until June 4th. Donation is optional, though very appreciated by the host studio.

None will be turned away for lack of funds. ❤️ ♥️ 💜 


Currently, I offer two weekly public Yoga class at Yama Yoga. The classes are Yang Yoga every Thursday @ 5:30 pm CDT and Yin Yoga every Thursday at 7:00 pm CDT.

The class is available in person as well as livestreamed via Zoom. The practices compliment each other.

For in person, sign up on Yama Yoga's website under "live classes."

Yang Yoga

The intention of this class is to stoke the inner fire with breathwork and flowing postures. 


Yin Yoga

This is a slow and restorative practice with time for meditation. We use props to support us in restorative postures with long holds to create space for release in the connective tissue of the body.

For virtual classes, please have Zoom downloaded on either your computer or your phone and sign up through Yama Yoga's virtual class schedule. Contact Yama with any questions or concerns by emailing or calling and leaving a message here.

(It is a landline, so don't text.)

Packages and drop ins are purchased through Yama Yoga.


Private and Corporate Yoga

Private and Corporate sessions are offered at the following rates:

60 mins - $75

75 mins - $90
90 mins - $110

Available in person or via Zoom. Please dress appropriately for all Yoga sessions.

For Corporate Yoga, please have your employees dress appropriately and bring their own yoga mats. Private sessions booked through Vagaro. For corporate sessions where I will travel to you, please email me at