231 E Buffalo St Suite 201


Jake and Cassie - Milwaukee's Massage Therapy Couple

We see bodywork as a unique art form and movement as medicine. We have dedicated ourselves to a shared passion and dream to grow together as healers through manual therapy, movement, creativity and living a holistic lifestyle ourselves.


"Where is Somatic Arts?"

231 E Buffalo St Suite 201


We are a small treatment room located inside Yama Yoga (2nd floor of the Fred Vogel Jr Building), one block away from the public market in the Third Ward of Milwaukee. Look out for Urbaine Oasis, Broken Bat & Yama Yoga's signage on the front of the building.



  1. 2-hour metered street parking is available right outside and is free after 7pm on weekdays and all day Sunday.

  2. 5-hour metered parking that may be more available can be found on Jefferson St.

  3. 2-hour parking that is not metered is about  a 5-10min walk starting by Jefferson St, Jackson St and Menominee St which intersects them.


If you would like to schedule your appointment around a yoga class, Yama Yoga's schedule is available at

Soma: of the body.

Art: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works primarily for their emotional power and beauty.

On a day you’re feeling low or tense,

touch may lift your mood, shift your energy or alleviate pain.

During a time when human connection is primarily technological,

touch offers something below the surface.

In an age that it appears everyone and everything is rapidly accelerating,

touch allows you a deep, still pause.

Inside a society where we are isolating ourselves from communion and into the chaos of our own thoughts,

touch gives you a chance to let go into trust and to become grounded back into your body again.