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Dreaming Reality

I wrote this in junior high for an English class project

I dream of a changing in life

Without love or lovers

Innocent souls slit by the knife

Street gangs and throat-cutters

Our countries neck held to Death's scythe

Knowing violence stutters

I dream of people that shame us

People like psychotics

Shooters with twisted minds, famous

Pop antibiotics

Makes them crazy, crimes so heinous

And crime stays chronic

I dream of killing all killers

and ending the madness

The country's growing iller

Undercover sadness

Is killing our sick thriller?

We cannot keep having this

I dream of living a nightmare

Using prayer as my crutch

Evil watches with a tight glare

Wanting Christ's healing touch

The values of what's right might tear

...Maybe I dream too much

What I've Learnt

I'm a little distracted

Off on another planet

In a manic panic

Hard to stand it

My life's been impacted

Pulled in all directions, Mr. Fantastic

My thoughts are compacted

Luckily the silence outlasts it

I'll have to take my chances

Cause I need some new tactics

Fulfill divine will, until I see magic

Looking back, it will be classic

But they'll still label me a bastard

Taking serious offense to my banter

Body enslaved to my mind, the Master

I got to work faster

My feelings are scattered

The end is nigh, listen to the Pastor

Give me some answers!

I asked God, but it's hard to understand her

Maybe I'll just watch my manners

Or improvise choice and toss out my planner

I need a new standard

Some novelty cant hurt

I'll have to start from the dirt

To make real change, not a flirt

I accept the pain of being burnt

It keeps me alert

And prevents the inert

This is what I've learnt

Bottled Aggression

Rage boiling to the surface

Until it steams into tears

Tightly coiling around my curses

Replacing my dreams with fears

Disgusted with the deception

The smell is rancid in the air

Distrusted misconceptions

I can tell I am losing care

Jake, your feelings are sounding toxic

Polluted, dark and profane

Make your feelings try to stop it

You're convoluted in your brain

Get medicated and seek out a shrink

Or maybe search harder for God

Help's underrated, don't make a stink

Accept that your personality is odd

Not to worry, we can all fix you

It will only take patience and time

Your upbringing was the issue

Your body, mind, soul needs to align

Or maybe my anger's natural

And you're the oppressive judge

And maybe my emotions are factual

Expressed sincerely dissolves any grudge

Please do not instruct me what to feel

or tell me that my feelings are wrong

My human heart is not made of steel

I can not always be strong

But I love that I am myself

And I am sorry that you can not accept me

My opinions are above stealth

And my truth will not let you forget me

Butterfly Effect Inverted

**This poem is re-written from the song Butterfly Effect by Travis Scott. You can use the attached link to follow along or to see the original lyrics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiWVfhECEGQ&ab_channel=A-ZLyrics


I was inspired to write over the song because...

  1. I remembered doing that when I was young to a couple songs

  2. Mumble rap is easy to write over because you can't tell what they're saying

  3. The lyrics to mainstream rap/hip hop is usually mental poison in my opinion anyway, so I assumed it wouldn't take much to improve it and spin the words in a way that could be used as positive affirmations instead.          -                  **


(Order in the void, so it's quite nice)


In this life I'm feeling strange

sin and thrills, making me insane

S&M, pleasure over pain

make it stop, rotting in my brain (rotten, rotten)

and my life is feeling stained

gin and pills, suicidal games

now and then, bottom of the drain

I got guap, exchanged it with my shame (my shame, my shame)


just forgive and turn the cheek

turn inside, for its just what you seek

don't go numb, feel just how you be (don't quit!)

on leeway, cause freedom isn't free (straighten up!)

take charge, make change

why cry and sob, bitch and complain?

now be still, your life will rearrange

I feel grace, flowing through my veins (clear sight!)


beatin' up, lately ego's beatin' up (don't quit!)

need a shove right into a lake of trust (yeah!)

emotion sucks, oh well its just part of us (yeah! yeah!)

I see love, I see it right through the dust


listen close to what I say

space and time, tangled knots that fray

selfish world, prideful zombie fame

grab your phone, never look away (away, away)

brimstone, fire, sulfur lane

all aboard, vacuum fun-house train (yeah, yeah)

silent screams, simulated chains

deja vu, wake up, feel the same


all the thoughts, in the cloud, the Devils scanner (yeah!)

hear the dogs, in the fog unbeat, show them we have strong standards (commit!)

let 'em know, truth is gold, hold up intuitions banner

(yeah) all intact, learn the facts before you hold up any lanturn (yeah, its lit!)

(yeah) now fly abroad, meaning fly with your own inner phantom

(yeah) and keep 'em shut, both of your eyes, then you'll know and you'll see

(yeah) slow up, so you can think straight, the worlds in high speed

(yeah) and if you get lost, take a step back, ask God, don't ask me


You're free (I'm free)

You'll see (clearly)

On high (so high)

Angels watching, demons watching for some time

Holy spirit only amplifies (amplifies, amplifies, amplifies)


Now the lights cast on the shade

polarized, in hell you remain

yin and yang, nothing stays the same

wax and wane, sunny then it rains (it rains, it rains)

and that light will lead the way

trace it back, it's from where you came

Mother Earth, water, mud and clay

perfect crash, all part of the play

I Am

I am infinite

I am the perfect silence

I am awareness

I am vibration

I am the light

I am love!

I am of the Earth

I am present

I am alive!

I am so grateful!

I am tempted

I am selfish

I am bound by sin

I am my environment

I am mostly water

I am what I eat

I am the process of evolution

I am microscopic cells, half of which are foreign bacteria

I am a symphony of autonomous bodily systems, harmoniously playing the song of my existence..

I am the product of my genetic lineage

I am my experience

I am what I own

I am better than you

I am not going to apologize

I am an extrovert

I am strong

I am in charge

I am alpha!

I am a Soldier of God


I am here for a reason

I am going to fix the world!

I am much more informed than you

I am making the wrong decision

I am going to do it anyway

I am sure things will work themselves out

I am resistant to change

I am confused why I am here

I am in the wrong body

I am just walking star-dust

I am no one

I am an introvert

I am greedy

I am a narcissist

I am only human

I am sexually charged, repressed, and then charged again

I am a little annoyed by that

I am getting too old for this

I am growing uncomfortable

I am finding it hard to trust

I am vulnerable

I am not equal

I am oppressed

I am grossly offended!

I am still waiting for an apology…

I am not going to be pushed around!

I am not going to say it again

I am going to kill you!!

I am not responsible for it either

I am only kidding..

I am progressive

I am ready for a change

I am going to get to it tomorrow

I am in need of a real upgrade
I am the most sophisticated cybernetic organism

I am going to live the longest

I am being brainwashed... Damn

I am split in two

I am an omnivert

I am living in a literal cartoon

I am LMAO about it!

I am my mistakes

I am still learning

I am not looking back

I am followed by my shadow

I am shielding you from a buried closet, where I confine, isolate and torture my psyches skeletons..

I am divided, broken and traumatized

I am losing my grip on reality

I am disgusted with myself

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired

I am pissed!

I am drowning in disparity

I am the Devil, herself

I am so fucked…

I am not dealing with this right now

I am filled with hate

I am too judgmental

I am being tested

I am a disciple

I am a creator of will

I am enlightened!

I am not convinced

I am starting to regret it all

I am so very sorry…

I am truly forgiven

I am grateful to have struggled so much

I am the beholder and filter of my emotions and behaviors

I am here with open eyes and an open heart

I am a vehicle for inspiration, intuition and creativity

I am responsible for my change

I am larger than I could ever perceive

I am an ambivert

I am balanced

I am saved!

I am dying

I am afraid

I am okay with it

I am seeing things so clearly now
I am facing my reflection
I am staring into my eyes

I am looking at the deepest part of my being

I am hardly recognizing myself

I am not who I thought I was

I am at a loss for words..

I am still figuring things out, I guess..

Daddy's Little Girl

Sweetie Pie

public eyes

cannot hide

wild side

rampant pride

lustful high

stumbled stride

trust implied

love denied

devils guide

empty ride

open mind

open mouth

open thighs

opened wide

hands are tied


numb inside

brain is fried



hope has died

dead alive

please survive

money lies

mother cries

dry your eyes

father tried

stormy skies

Why Lord, why





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