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Jake Booth

Poetry, Rock Stacks

Dreaming Reality

I wrote this in junior high for an English class project

I dream of a changing in life

Without love or lovers

Innocent souls slit by the knife

Street gangs and throat-cutters

Our countries neck held to Death's scythe

Knowing violence stutters

I dream of people that shame us

People like psychotics

Shooters with twisted minds, famous

Pop antibiotics

Makes them crazy, crimes so heinous

And crime stays chronic

I dream of killing all killers

and ending the madness

The country's growing iller

Undercover sadness

Is killing our sick thriller?

We cannot keep having this

I dream of living a nightmare

Using prayer as my crutch

Evil watches with a tight glare

Wanting Christ's healing touch

The values of what's right might tear

...Maybe I dream too much

rock stacks 4.png

What They Want


They want you on your phone

They want you in your home

They want you to feel alone

They want you cold as stone


They want you to not believe or know

They want to keep and run the show

They want you reaping what you sow

They want their claws in deep and your feelings low


They want you to lose faith

They want you sheltered in place

They want you bowing in Hell's gates

They want you dependent upon the state


They want the new norm to be fabricated

They want the scorn to be celebrated

They want the unborn to be terminated

They want families torn and eliminated


They want you to hate yourself

They want you to hate each other

They want you to kill yourselves

They want you to kill your brothers


They want to narrow your perception

They want you without protection

They want you ignorant of behavioral projection

They want your life energy and your undivided attention


They want you to be numb, that's why they medicate you

They want you to be dumb, that's why they educate you

They want you to be scum, that's why they exonerate you

They want you without tongue, notice how they underrate you


They want you to isolate your culture or remove it all together

They want you to destroy the sculpture and elude history forever

They want you because they're vultures and for their own endeavors

They want you to follow your pride. Be keen their methods are clever


They want you on their side, until they don't need you anymore

They want you to follow blind, dancing along to their repertoire

They want you in a bind, always and forever asking for more

They want control of your mind, and plan to rot out your core


They want it and you'll give it, daddy's validation

They want to invert forgiveness, plastic liberation

They want in your business, cybernetic incarceration

They want deception vivid, a schizophrenic visualization

God can be found in the Bible

God is in the material, you choose the idol

God speaks to me in my dreams

God is always watching, closer than it seems

I found God in a crystal ball

I see God in one and in all

It's a bird, it's a plane, no that's God in the sky!

You're born, you live, you'll see God when you die

God is within the elements, no the space in between

God is outside perspective, evidence yet to be seen

God is a man, that's why he sternly commands your direction

Um. Excuse me, but God is a woman. I'm afraid you have the wrong impression

God is the past, the present, and the future all at once

The progressive God is science. That is, unless you're a dunce

God sees everything, it makes me really uncomfortable while I pee

God is all-knowing, tracking your exploitation's while free

God is the beauty of the feminine and the joy of a small child's laugh

God is the explosive rage of the masculine, more fearsome than a lightning's crash

God is a who, not an idea, place or thing

and God has filled life with love! I cannot help but sing!

God told me to kill you and your family if you do not follow divine word

Was that God's voice or have you found belonging in an extremist herd?

God is coming quick, you'll miss it if you blink

I know God is real because, hmm.. let me think

God gave me freedom to explore darkness and through strife I found light

God and I wrestled for truth and now I see that I was being groomed to fight

You'll see God when you witness birth and in the eyes of your dying mother

God hangs about in the abandoned church and in the heart of your significant other

The divine is unknowable. This poem isn't making any sense..

God awaits even agnostics, when they're ready to get off the fence

All this God talk is too complex, it's frustrating. I'd rather avoid such a profound thought

You won't find God inside thinking anyway. God resides silently in the void and in the naught

Well then what's this God poem for!? To confuse me all the more? You've made this into a mind chore

The Word is only an allure. Faith comforts the unsure and the placebo within your belief bestows a spiritual cure

Your definition of God is impure. To continue to listen is a bore. I'm closing off my ear's and eye's door.

rockstack 5.png

God Is

I Am

I am infinite

I am the perfect silence

I am awareness

I am vibration

I am the light

I am love!

I am of the Earth

I am present

I am alive!

I am so grateful!

I am tempted

I am selfish

I am bound by sin

I am my environment

I am mostly water

I am what I eat

I am the process of evolution

I am microscopic cells, half of which are foreign bacteria

I am a symphony of autonomous bodily systems, harmoniously playing the song of my existence..

I am the product of my genetic lineage

I am my experience

I am what I own

I am better than you

I am not going to apologize

I am an extrovert

I am strong

I am in charge

I am alpha!

I am a Soldier of God


I am here for a reason

I am going to fix the world!

I am much more informed than you

I am making the wrong decision

I am going to do it anyway

I am sure things will work themselves out

I am resistant to change

I am confused why I am here

I am in the wrong body

I am just walking star-dust

I am no one

I am an introvert

I am greedy

I am a narcissist

I am only human

I am sexually charged, repressed, and then charged again

I am a little annoyed by that

I am getting too old for this

I am growing uncomfortable

I am finding it hard to trust

I am vulnerable

I am not equal

I am oppressed

I am grossly offended!

I am still waiting for an apology…

I am not going to be pushed around!

I am not going to say it again

I am going to kill you!!

I am not responsible for it either

I am only kidding..

I am progressive

I am ready for a change

I am going to get to it tomorrow

I am in need of a real upgrade
I am the most sophisticated cybernetic organism

I am going to live the longest

I am being brainwashed... Damn

I am split in two

I am an omnivert

I am living in a literal cartoon

I am LMAO about it!

I am my mistakes

I am still learning

I am not looking back

I am followed by my shadow

I am shielding you from a buried closet, where I confine, isolate and torture my psyches skeletons..

I am divided, broken and traumatized

I am losing my grip on reality

I am disgusted with myself

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired

I am pissed!

I am drowning in disparity

I am the Devil, herself

I am so fucked…

I am not dealing with this right now

I am filled with hate

I am too judgmental

I am being tested

I am a disciple

I am a creator of will

I am enlightened!

I am not convinced

I am starting to regret it all

I am so very sorry…

I am truly forgiven

I am grateful to have struggled so much

I am the beholder and filter of my emotions and behaviors

I am here with open eyes and an open heart

I am a vehicle for inspiration, intuition and creativity

I am responsible for my change

I am larger than I could ever perceive

I am an ambivert

I am balanced

I am saved!

I am dying

I am afraid

I am okay with it

I am seeing things so clearly now
I am facing my reflection
I am staring into my eyes

I am looking at the deepest part of my being

I am hardly recognizing myself

I am not who I thought I was

I am at a loss for words..

I am still figuring things out, I guess..

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