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In the Spring and Summer of 2023, I took an herbalism course at Tippecanoe Herbs where I learned about the power of botanicals. Naturally, I was inspired to take what I've learned and incorporate it into the products I use on my clients' skin as well as my own. When my skin began to react badly to a well-known skincare brand's flagship hand cream that is marketed as "botanical," I realized I needed to make some changes and be more intentional about what I was using in my massage sessions. Not only did I need to do this for myself, I realized, but for my clients as well.


LuxVestra is the result of my passion to provide truly restorative experiences during my massage therapy sessions. The ingredients used are carefully curated and formulated specifically for sensitive skin types.


These herb-infused oils are macerated using the slow method, never heated so that the botanicals within the formula as well as the oil itself remains undamaged, minimizing oxidation.


The Body Butters incorporate the macerated herbal oils and combinations of cacao butter, mango butter, and shea butter. A tiny bit of Vitamin E Oil is also added in order to keep the product shelf-stable. A little goes a long way. These are deeply hydrating and leave the skin as silk. I used these formulas on myself and my family every day and truly believe in their benefit. 


 I am always open to have a conversation about a creating custom formulas.



LuxVestra is another outlet for my love of working with my hands. Everything I sell, I formulated and created myself. I hope my love for this work touches you.

-Cassie Newlin

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